Saints Netball Club (Ocean Reef)      



Congratulations to the following athletes on their 2014 awards:


 U8 Angels                              Isabelle Hall                            Coaches Award – Taylor Duncan

U9 Dragons                            Bella Taafe                               Coaches Award – Eloise Bollen

U9 Hornets                            Erin Donaldson                         Coaches Award – Alana Sim

U10 Flames                            Hannah Sharman                        Runner Up – Jessica Lea

U10 Giants                             Madeline Taylor                     Coaches Award – Jenna Bronnum-Lea

U11 Aztecs                            Aleesha Schwarzbach &

                                              Klara Roos

U11 Dynamos                         Madison Snelling                          Runner Up – Alexandra Groves

U12 Phantoms                       Sarah Sharman                            Runner Up – Zoe Cooke

U12 Bullets                            Alyssa Burgess                            Runner Up – Gemma Anderson

U12 Raiders                           Katherine Hodgins                       Coaches Award – Sarah Bayliss

U13 Steelers                         Nika Strydom                               Runner Up – Megan Baker

U13 Titans                             Jessica Marchesani                      Runner Up – Chloe Duncan


Imperials – Div 7                  Jordyn Grevers                         Coaches Award – Georgia Beattie

Warriors – Div 6                   Aimee Zilembo                               Coaches Award – Mikayla Buck

Wizards – Div 6                    Katie Kirk                                       Runner Up – Emily O’Callaghan

Comets – Div 5                      Tiessen Maduriera                         Coaches Award – Emma Black

Rockets – Div 5                     Caitlin Duffy                                  Runner Up – Taylor Clune

Mystics – Div 4                     Hannah McEwan                             Coaches Award – Olivia Hucker

Magic – Div 2                         Jacinta Valentini                           Runner Up – Megan King

Lazers – Div 2                       Zoe Collings                               Coaches Award – Emma McKenzie

Jets – Div 1                           Megan McLearie                            Runner Up – Shae Walsh

Jags – Div 1                           Steph Cooper                                 Runners Up – Caitlyn Craig &

                                                                                                               Caitlin Woods

Strikers – Opens B               Katie Wright                                  Coaches Award – Brooke Reilly

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic year.  Highlighted teams are Premiers and highlighted teams are Runners up in their divisions.  Thanks to BankWest for the prize money of $1000 for our division 1 win and $500 for our division 2 win. 


Registration is Sunday February 8th 2015.  Times and venue to be advised asap.  Existing members, please remember if you do not register on the day or by post before the 8th Feb your position in our club is not secured. J     New members will be invited to apply on the 8th February but no position is secure until you receive confirmation from our Registrar.

 Saints Netball Club would like to thank Boost Juice (Clarkson and Joondalup) and Subway (Joondalup, Currambine and Beldon) for their support during our 2014 Winter season. 
 We would ask that members and athletes support them in return.